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Wondering How to Crack GATE 2022? Here are Seven Steps to Follow!

Well, it's time to conjure up your passion for a successful career. If you are planning to write GATE 2022, here are the seven steps to success you CAN'T miss.

Chithrakala Babu

Are you planning to write the 2022 GATE examination? Are you confused about how and when to start your preparation? How to make sure that your hard work is paid off at the end of GATE journey? It is important to start preparing early if you are aiming for a good rank in GATE 2022. Here are seven fundamental steps that will help you to bring out your best performance.

  1. Understanding the Importance of the GATE Exam

It is estimated that about 15 lakh students graduate from different engineering colleges in India every year. More than 6.8 lakh students appeared for the GATE exam last year. Now with the latest inclusion of students from Humanities and Social Sciences, the number of candidates has gone to a new ceiling. Landing a perfect career is definitely the primary concern of anyone after studies. We cannot forget the fact that the competition in the employment sector is rising day by day. This is exactly why you should write the GATE exam as it can open a gate to diverse opportunities. The GATE 2022 test score is a decisive factor in the life of any student for several reasons.

  • Firstly, it is an internationally accepted qualifying examination. Some universities in Singapore and Germany consider the GATE score valid for their admission process.
  • Secondly, getting into the top bracket helps the students to secure entry-level positions in the Public Sector Undertakings such as NTPC, ONGC, IOC, POWERGRID, etc.
  • Thirdly, it can be used as a criterion for pursuing M.Tech or Ph.D. from the esteemed universities in India.
  • If you miss GATE, you might miss an opportunity to pursue your Engineering from IITs at UG level. Who wants to miss an opportunity to be an IITian?!
  • Campus placement is another golden opportunity that GATE offers to students. IITs and NITs witness large number of placements every year for ME and Tech students. The students from 2nd and 3rd tier colleges can also enjoy the benefits of GATE.
  • So, you are going to write an exam of paramount importance. Once you decide to be out there on the battlefield, it is time to set your goals. Envisage where you want to see yourself in five years. This will put you on the right track towards your dream.

2. An in-depth Understanding of the GATE Syllabus

Once the official site publishes the syllabus, you should try to have a thorough understanding of it. Why is it important?

  • The perfect understanding of the syllabus helps you stick to the prescribed areas and concepts rather than wasting your time reading every engineering text you can lay your hands on.
  • It will also help you to create your study plan as well as to develop a productive strategy.
  • If there is anything that you don’t understand in the syllabus, discuss your doubts with your teachers and friends.
  • Stick a copy of the syllabus on the wall you are facing, hence you will remember it just like the lyrics of your favorite song.

3. Developing an Effective Study Plan for Your GATE Preparation

Creating a personalized study plan is a crucial part of your GATE journey. If you do it right and if you are ready to follow it, you are almost there. A good beginning is halfway to success, they say. Here are some tips on how to make an effective study plan.

  • Ration out the time for each subject on an everyday basis. Set learning targets for a day, a week and a month.
  • It is important to recognize your strong and weak areas before making the study plan. In this way, you can assign more time for the subjects and topics you are weak at.
  • Be consistent in your study. Try to spend a reasonable amount of time studying, every day.
  • Never fail to take mock tests and revisions. They are essential to your GATE success.  

4. Solving Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year question papers is the best exercise that you can do to understand the pulse of the exam. Here are the reasons why.

  • It will help you to organize your study pattern according to the requirements of the exam.
  • It will train you on how to divide your time for each type of question thereby ensuring that you effectively utilize the exam hours. It enhances your time-management skills.
  • Solving the previous years’ questions helps you to get hold of the pattern and the repeated questions.
  • The method of score calculation can also be understood by solving previous year question papers.

5. Maintaining Healthy Mind & Healthy Body

Maintaining good health helps you prepare well and perform well during the exam season. Check out what you should do to stay robust.

  • Allot an hour or two for physical activities in a day. If it's impossible to go out and play in the field, you can go for some alternative options. Playing backyard cricket or badminton with family members, dancing to some rock music, or doing some simple workouts are some doable options.
  • Practicing meditation is a fantastic way to sharpen your memory and concentration. It is also useful to reduce exam anxiety.
  • Following a healthy eating pattern is another important aspect. Include protein-rich food into your diet. The intake of eggs, milk, greens, pulses, and nuts guarantee the optimal activity of the brain.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

6. Revise, Revise, Revise.

Regular revision of the portions that you have covered will help you keep everything on track.

  • Take physical notes while watching the video classes since notetaking is an effective way to remember and retain the information.
  • The brain needs to be refreshed periodically. Once you cover a week’s portion, allocate a day for revision. Take a mock test and repeat the cycle.
  • You are more likely to remember organized and regularly revised information. Squeeze in some time for revision in your daily schedule.
  • During the time of the revision, you can jot down the core ideas, concepts, terms, and equations in minimal words. This note can be used as short summaries of the areas you covered.

7. Staying Motivated & Focused

Positive determination is another quality that you need to possess when you are preparing to be a GATE topper. Here is how you can stay focused and motivated.

  • Keep distractions away. Reduce the time that you spend on social media and games.
  • Stay positive and happy. Even though your study hours could be hectic, think about how you will be rewarded for your hard work.
  • Don’t be too harsh on yourself even if you don’t meet your learning target of the day. Try to progress at your own pace.
  • Read success stories of GATE toppers and their career achievements.
  • Use only authentic and reliable resources for your study. Take recommendations from teachers or GATE toppers.
  • Self-motivation is absolutely essential in this. Use the mirror technique to boost up your spirits. Stand in front of a mirror when you wake up, look at yourself with determination and say “Yes, I can do this!”.

Yes, you can do this! Why wait? Start preparing for GATE 2022 now!