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GATE/ESE Online Preparation: 10 Tips to Effectively Utilize Online Classes

Chithrakala Babu

With the onset of the pandemic, the world witnessed revolutionary changes happening in the education system. Schools and colleges implemented diverse methods to cope with this bizarre situation by offering online classes and tests with the help of newest technology. Even those who were doubtful about the effectiveness of online classes realized that it is the new normal. Students who prepare for GATE, ESE, PSUs or any competitive exams prefer online coaching as it offers a convenient learning opportunity. One advantage of online learning platforms is that you can access quality education with your phone and study anytime, anywhere.

However, if you don’t make the most out of online classes, it’s a wastage of your time, effort and money. This article will give you awesome tips to effectively utilize your online course and be successful in your GATE/ESE preparation.

  1. Set Your Goals
GATE/ESE Online Preparation: 10 Tips to Effectively Utilize Online Classes

Before starting your preparation, you should define your learning goals. This means you have to list out the outcomes you want to achieve through attending the course. It can be anything – the better understanding of theoretical concepts, improving time management skills, practising more tests – that will help you land a decent rank in the GATE/ESE exam. Setting your learning targets will also help you develop a strategy to utilize the online class in ways you want it.

Read 9 Key Points You Should Know Before Making a Study Plan for GATE to make an effective study plan for your online GATE/ESE preparation.

2. Establish a Routine

Why do you think students tend to skip online classes and procrastinate their study targets? It is because you feel it’s okay to skip classes. After all, you can always come back and study whenever you want, isn’t it? A big no to this notion! You have to consider the online course just like a classroom course and make it a part of your daily routine. Here is how you do it.

  • Develop a study plan or schedule and stick to it throughout your preparation journey. If you plan to spend 4 hours for the online class, make sure you spend a minimum of 4 hours every day.
  • Never compromise the time you are supposed to study and make it an essential part of your life.
  • Wake up early, fresh up, have your breakfast and go to your study room just like you would go to a coaching centre.
  • Set reminders to keep track of your time and learning targets.
  • Train your mind and body to accept and adapt to the study routine.

3. Find a Productive Study Space

GATE/ESE Online Preparation: 10 Tips to Effectively Utilize Online Classes

Having a dedicated study space helps you stay focused and systematic in your preparation. Be it GATE, ESE or any other competitive exam, the whole preparation can be a long process. Considering that you are doing an online course, you must use all the techniques to make full use of it. So the role of positive study space is crucial. Here are some tips to consider while setting up your study space.

  • Make sure it is far from the distractions of TV.
  • Ensure proper lighting because poor lighting may tamper with your vision, especially when you watch video lessons.
  • Keep your study table, shelf and drawer organized.
  • Keep your study materials, essential stationeries, a bottle of water, healthy snacks etc. handy.
  • Hang charts with formulas or posters with inspiring quotes or pictures on the wall.
  • Keep your schedule and syllabus somewhere visible so that you can keep track of your preparation.
  • Make sure your study space has high-speed internet.
  • Personalize your study room/space according to your taste and preference. When you step into that space, you must feel instantly energetic and focused.

4. Utilize Additional Resources Provided

Many students join online classes with high expectations and after some time, they fail to utilize the valuable resources provided. This happens because students focus mainly on video classes. You must make full use of all the additional resources such as textbooks, short notes, test series etc. Dedicate a considerable and fixed amount of time to read short notes, solve sample questions and practice tests. Only this kind of study habit can make your preparation effective and complete.

On Deep Learn, you have the right recipe for success. Along with quality video lectures by ACE Engineering Academy’s expert faculty, we provide exam-oriented short notes, workbooks, solved question papers and OTS. By exploiting all these high-quality resources, students can crack GATE/ESE with ease.

5. Actively Engage

GATE/ESE Online Preparation: 10 Tips to Effectively Utilize Online Classes

We know that it is sometimes difficult to be active and encouraged while doing an online course due to the lack of interactions. In a classroom environment, you can chat with your friends and discuss your doubts with the teacher. How do you overcome this drawback? Well, most of the online classes provide separate sessions for students to interact with the instructors and clarify their doubts. For instance, Deep Learn provides live doubt-clearing sessions where students can reach out to their instructors and get their doubts clarified instantly. You must participate in such interactive sessions without fail.

Another factor that will increase your engagement is to be responsive and responsible. Suppose you face a technical difficulty while using the course app. You should never take such incidents for granted and take a break from your preparation. Instead, contact the customer care team of your course provider and get the issue resolved as soon as possible. This will boost your commitment and responsibility in achieving your learning goals.

6. Avoid Distractions

Eliminating distractions is the most challenging and often painful step in your online GATE/ESE preparation. What would you do if a notification pops up, saying that the most awaited Marvel film teaser is released, while watching video classes? It is quite a dilemma. To avoid such distractions that might derail your preparation, you need to develop a strategy.

  • Make sure you never engage in any activities other than studying during the time allocated for preparation.
  • You may get notifications and updates from your social media accounts and other apps during your study time. To avoid this, you can use blocker apps such as KeepMeOut, Freedom, Offtime etc. to block notifications from selected apps and websites during your prep time.
  • You can use voice cancellation headphone to eliminate distracting noises from the surroundings. This will keep you concentrated in your learning activities.
  • Let your parents also know your study routine, so that they will be careful during your virtual class time.

7. Take Notes

GATE/ESE Online Preparation: 10 Tips to Effectively Utilize Online Classes

Taking notes while listening to the class helps you understand the concepts better and retain the important information in your memory. You might doze off or get easily bored you are passively listening to a class. When you take notes, you are engaging your mind and body. It boosts your focus and interest in the online class and also improves your comprehension. If you are using the Deep Learn app for your GATE/ESE preparation, utilize the live note-taking facility provided in the app.

  • Emphasize the specific information such as key terms, years or numbers, formulas, equations etc.
  • Underline or highlight the main points using different colours to make your notes more legible and appealing.
  • Make it brief and simple for later revision.
  • Focus on the keywords and identify the main points.
  • There are different methods of note taking, such as the Cornell method, outlining, mind mapping and flowchart. Choose a method that works best for you.

Read GATE, SET, GO!: How to Make Killer Notes to Crack GATE 2022 to know more about note taking.

8. Ensure Reliable Internet

A poor internet connection can be a demotivating factor if you are preparing for GATE/ESE online. Make sure you have a high-quality internet connection. Download the video lectures when you have good connectivity and save them for later watch. Make sure the course that you purchased has multiple resolutions options for video classes. This feature will allow you to choose a resolution suitable for your internet bandwidth.

9. Never Procrastinate

Online classes offer a flexible learning experience. You can choose your study time and method as per your preferences and convenience. On the downside, it also allows you to procrastinate. The feeling that you can access the classes anytime makes it

  • Strictly follow your study plan, no matter what.
  • Remember that you have spent your parents’ hard-earned money purchasing this course and you are responsible for
  • Remember that it is not a cakewalk to crack GATE/ESE and to secure a job these days.
  • Make yourself accountable for achieving your learning goals.

10. Stay Healthy and Motivated

GATE/ESE Online Preparation: 10 Tips to Effectively Utilize Online Classes

Staying motivated is crucial, especially during the long and draining GATE/ESE preparation process. You must maintain good health and a positive attitude throughout the preparation. Here are a few points you can consider to be at your best during the exam season.

  • Dedicate some time for physical activities every day.
  • Follow a healthy (and happy) diet by adding nutritious food to your meals.
  • Drink an adequate amount of water.
  • Practice meditation or yoga to increase your concentration and to decrease your stress.
  • Keep in mind that you are working towards your dream, and nothing should come its way.
  • Listen to topper’s stories and other inspirational content to stay motivated.

Deep Learn is one of the best online coaching platforms you can ever get for your GATE/ESE/PSUs preparation. It offers a seamless learning experience by fusing the legacy and expertise of ACE Engineering Academy and the present necessity of a unified digital space for learning.

Whichever course you choose, make sure you take full advantage of it. We hope these tips help you do that. Happy learning!