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GATE 2021 Toppers' Tips & Strategy to Boost Your Preparation

Chithrakala Babu

Are you an engineering student planning to appear for the GATE exam? Are you confused about when to start your preparation and what should be your preparation strategy? With a GATE plan, you might be aiming either for a PSU job or admission in IITs, IISc & NITs. Whatever your goal is, you need to have a fool-proof preparation strategy to get a good rank in GATE.

Clearly, it is helpful for every aspirant to listen to exam toppers before starting the GATE preparation. The question is, why do you need to listen to GATE toppers. Well, there is a lot to understand from their experience, approach and the strategy they used during the preparation. Their experience and tips are not for you to blindly follow but to realize the importance of a well-structured plan and vision.

Now, let’s look into the preparation strategy and GATE experience of some of the GATE 2021 toppers.

Aakash Dhill - GATE 2021 All India 1st Rank in Electrical Engineering

Preparation Strategy

  • Started the preparation as early as possible to get enough time to utilize all the resources to the fullest.
  • Early preparation helped to cover all the prescribed topics in a systematic way.
  • The first step was to strengthen the basics of all the subjects.
  • Made exam-oriented notes to remember even small details of different concepts.
  • Started the revision at least two months before the GATE exam.
  • Did topic-based revision in the first month and final revisions in the second month.
  • Regular practice with online test series helped to improve performance and knowledge level.

Tips to Aspirants

  • If students start their GATE preparation in the final year or third year, it will help them excel in campus placements and other competitive exams too.
  • Even students who get average marks can get top score if you prepare well.
  • Your CGPA has nothing to do with your performance in the GATE exam. All you need is an analytical approach and strong subject knowledge.

Pratik P Shinde - GATE 2021 All India 1st Rank in Instrumentation Engineering

Preparation Strategy

  • Categorized the entire syllabus into different groups for easy preparation and covered the topics in each group one by one.
  • After completing one topic, attended online tests based on that topic.
  • Made note of the mistakes and weak areas while attending the test and it helped to revise the topic and solidify the concepts.
  • Made short notes for complex topics to remember the important information and for easy revision.
  • Analog questions were difficult, so revised the topic until the basic concepts became crystal clear.
  • Covered all the tests given in the online test series and attended 10-12 mock tests during the preparation period.

Tips to Aspirants

  • Self-motivation is an essential factor, especially during the time of the pandemic. Focus on the future and that will give you the strength to defeat the obstacles.
  • It would be easier for college students to join for coaching because that will help them prepare in a systematic way, and it also gives a competitive feel.
  • Since they have added more subjects, it will take more time and effort to cover all the topics neatly.
  • You need more practice to cover all the topics. Solve the maximum number of tests and previous year questions.
  • Since GATE preparation is a long and strenuous journey, it normal to feel low sometimes. But it is completely fine. You just need to focus on the bright future you are going to have.

Varun Kaushik - GATE 2021 All India 1st Rank in Engineering Sciences (XE)

Preparation Strategy

  • Applied for two papers – Engineering Science and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Worked out previous year question papers to get an idea about the type of questions they as in the GATE exam.
  • It also helped in identifying the important topics from the GATE point of view.
  • Allotted more time for the difficult subjects to tune up the weakness areas.
  • Constant practice of test series helped to develop an effective exam strategy.
  • Focus on one topic until the fundamental concepts became clear.
  • Attended mock tests in the same time slot as the original exam to get a feel of the actual exam.

Tips to Aspirants

  • Towards the end of your preparation, you may not get enough time to go through all the materials again. So it is always better to make short notes for quick and final revisions.
  • You need to create a personalized preparation strategy suitable to your learning pattern, subject knowledge and availability of time.
  • While selecting Engineering Science (XE) paper, you have to choose two optional subjects. You should choose your options based on your level of interest and knowledge. Go for the subjects you are most comfortable and confident in.
  • GATE success is not about your college background or your academic performance. Prepare thoroughly. All that matters is your effort.
  • Suggestion for those who attend online class, dedicate a space in your house/ hostel exclusively for studying. Having a dedicated study space creates a real class experience.

Jay Chavda - GATE 2021 All India 2nd Rank in Mechanical Engineering

Preparation Strategy

  • Started the serious GATE preparation in the 3rd year of engineering by strengthening the basic concepts.
  • Made notes from standard study materials and used them for regular revision.
  • Once about 80% of the syllabus is covered, started revision and practised the test series.
  • Took subject-wise, topic-wise and finally full-length tests according to the completion of syllabus.
  • Attended about 30 full-length tests during the preparation.
  • Used the performance analytics feature in the ACE online test series to assess and improve the exam performance.
  • The conceptual and exam-level questions provided in the ACE Academy Online test series aced up the overall performance.

Tips to Aspirants

  • The college-going students should start the preparation in the second year.
  • In 2 years, they should develop an intensive knowledge of the basic concepts and the serious preparation can be started in the final year.
  • This strategy will not only help you crack GATE but also perform well in campus placements and college academics.

The most crucial factor you need to understand is that everyone has their own style and pace of learning. Your GATE preparation strategy should reflect your goals and preferences. You need to listen to the toppers and adapt these tips to suit your goals. You should identify your strong and weak areas and create the preparation strategy accordingly.

We hope this article helps you find your strategy for GATE success. Stay tuned to read more such informative blogs to ace your preparation and post-exam life. Happy learning!